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The R-Value test measures the response of a compacted sample of soil or aggregate to a vertically applied pressure under specific conditions. This test is used

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Raster* objects: Aggregate a Raster* object to create a new RasterLayer or RasterBrick with a lower resolution (larger cells). Aggregation groups rectangular

Transforming subsets of data in R with by, ddply and…

Transforming data sets with R is usually the starting point of my data analysis work. Here is a scenario which comes up from time to time:

Using REXCEL to Reshape or Aggregate Data

As previously introduced, R is a powerful data management and analyticsand install, or using the Aggregate Data function in RExcel (point and click).

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Data summary with R using apply, by, tapply, aggregatePDuration::. Steve Pittard,views ·:· Computing with R : The

An Introduction to reshapeSean C. Anderson

reshapeis an R package written by Hadley Wickham that makes it easy to . per cell, you also need to tell dcast how to aggregate the data.

R 에서 SQL 사용 sqldf 패키지, 집계 aggregate() 함수by…

년월일R에는 aggregate() 라는 함수가 있습니다만, 기존에 SQL에 익숙한 분석가라면 R 에서 SQL 문을 사용할 수 있게 해주는 sqldf package를 사용하면

R: Compute Summary Statistics of Data Subsets

aggregate {stats}, R DocumentationDefault Smethod: aggregate(x, ) ## Smethod for class &#;data.frame&#; aggregate(x, by, FUN, , simplify = TRUE, drop

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Aggregating Data. It is relatively easy to collapse data in R using one or more BY variables and a defined function. # aggregate data frame mtcars by cyl and vs,

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R Examples RepositoryAggregate data frames. Simulate data; Apply . aggregate(cbind(age, IQ, rating) ~ + group, FUN=mean, data=myDf1) group

Tutorial on the R Apply Family (Article)…

So, aggregate() tells R that you wish to sum over all theNote that R assigned the sum to a variable &#;x&#;,

GitHubhadley/reshape: An R package to flexible…

An R package to flexible rearrange, reshape and aggregate data.

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The aggregate function is more difficult to use, but it is included in the base R installation and does not require the

eco: R Package for Ecological Inference inxTables…

eco is a publicly available R package that implements the Bayesian andKeywords: aggregate data, Bayesian inference, bounds, likelihood inference, missing

rAggregate a dataframe on a given column and…

First, you split the data using split : split(z,z$Group). Than, for each chunk, select theI have a dataframe in R of the following form:

Technical Change and the Aggregate Production Function…

Technical Change and the Aggregate Production Function. Author(s): .r-. I. |I. I. Ik. Q,. I~~~~~k k.Professors Wassily Leontief and William Fellner inde-.

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URL http://cran.r-project.org/package=raster. ByteCompileMaintainer Robert J. Hijmans <[email protected]>. Repositoryaggregate .

Aggregate() | R-statistics blog

In a recent post we learned how to use the {reshape} package (by Hadley Wickham) in order to aggregate and reshape data (in R) using the

SparkR (R on Spark)Spark.1.DocumentationApache…

SparkR is an R package that provides a light-weight frontend to use Apache . data frames support a number of commonly used functions to aggregate data

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www.Stats-Lab.com | The aggregate function.Computing with R : The Aggregate Function. Dragonfly Statistics. Loading Unsubscribe from

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For transfer of DataFrame objects from pandas to R, one option is to use HDFfiles, see . The groupby() method is similar to base R aggregate function.

8. Raster data manipulation — R Spatial

Here is an example of creating and changing a RasterLayer object &#;r&#; from scratch. .. r <raster() r[] <:ncell(r) ra <aggregate(r,) rd <disaggregate(ra,).


Average-size distributions for aggregate snowflakes are well represented abovestandard rain and melted-snow distributions of the same R requires that there

Using aggregate and apply in RMusings from an…

A short post on using the aggregate and apply functions in R based on material from a data analysis and visualisation course.

Aggregate – A Powerful Tool for Data Frame in R |…

This post gives a short review of the aggregate function as used for data.frames and presents some interesting uses: from the trivial but handy

Aggregating and analyzing data with dplyrData…

Describe what the dplyr package in R is used for. Apply common dplyr functions to manipulate data in R. Employ the &#;pipe&#; operator to link together a sequence

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The Schedule R (Form) allocates those aggregate wages reported on Formto each of the clients. Sectionagents who elect to file

How dplyr replaced my most common R idioms |…

Base R makes it very easy to do one of these aggregations, but to get two values, it requires that we make two calls to aggregate and then


r, radius of a sphere. l, w, h, length, width, height of a cube. R, ratio of aggregate volume to individual cell volume. Vagg, volume of cell aggregate. Vcell, volume

Aggregation and Restructuring data (from “R in Action”) |…

R provides a number of powerful methods for aggregating and reshaping data. When you aggregate data, you replace groups of observations